Why a Vaping Ban in Restaurants in Virginia Is Stupid

Sometimes small legislative bills can imply much more than bigger legislative bills can. For example, a recent proposal by Newport News VA state Senator John Miller, which would ban vaping in Virginia restaurants, makes very unsupportable assumptions:

  • That the state or federal government should step in right away to settle differences of opinions among private people in Virginia.
  • That the government always knows best, and is capable of settling any disagreements immediately.
  • That ignorance of a subject (vaping in this case) is a good reason to ban it.
  • That prohibiting one thing (smoking) means that we should prohibit something similar but different (e-cigarettes).

While many large restaurants in Virginia have already enacted bans on vaping, and they are perfectly ok to do that as it is a private business, that does not mean that the state government should step in and enact a vaping ban in all restaurants.

Some smaller restaurants have chosen to not ban vaping, and that is their right as well as private businesses. There also does not seem to be high demand for there to be a vaping ban in Virginia. The reason for that is probably because vaping smoke is much healthier than deadly tobacco smoke. And the fact is that it does not smell bad. All it contains is flavoring, nicotine and propylene glycol.

The state senator however, is going off half cocked, talking about e-cigs emitting all sorts of toxins into the air. That is simply not the case, and all he is showing is his complete ignorance of the subject of vaping, and then legislating out of ignorance.

He also says since the state has banned smoking in restaurants, obviously vaping should be banned. Why?

In short, it is stupid for politicians to agitate for vaping bans on the heels of smoking bans, when vaping smoke contains none of the toxins of regular tobacco smoke.

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