Vermont Wants 92% Tax on Vaping

Vermont is considering a new bill that could nearly double the cost of vaping products and e-cigarettes in the state, which would give it one of the biggest vaping taxes in the US.

The bill was introduced by a Vermont Democrat and it would include e-cigarettes and vaping products under Vermont’s tobacco laws. Vermont has a 92% tobacco tax that makes it one of the biggest in the country. Minnesota has a very high tobacco tax as well at 95%. However, that does not apply to vaping products and e-cigs. If Vermont passes the bill, the state will have the highest vape tax in the country.

Some vapers in Vermont think that passing such a high tax on vaping products could backfire. Some vapers may decide to save money and just buy cigarettes instead.

Many vapers in Vermont used to be heavy smokers; in one article a former smoker stated that she used to smoke 80 cigarettes per day and had high blood pressure, asthma and had had surgeries on lesions n her throat. Then she switched to e-cigarettes and she now has normal blood pressure and no longer needs to use an inhaler.

That type of story is common in the vaping world. While vaping is never going to be as healthy as quitting entirely, studies show that vaping could be at least 95% less harmful than smoking. That is why many people in the vaping industry think that the products should be treated differently than tobacco.

Some legislators in Vermont are concerned that more teenagers than ever are vaping, so they want to make it more expensive to do so. However, some studies suggest that raising vaping costs can push teens to cigarettes, which are a far, far worse alternative.

Another oddity in the bill is that while some tobacco related products are not taxes like cigarettes, all vaping related items would be taxed at the high rate. That would include vape juice that does not even contain nicotine.

Overall, this bill seems to be an unfair attack on vapers and vaping products, and here’s hoping that the bill dies in the legislature.

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