Vaping Industry Wants Support From 2016 Presidential Candidates

The quickly growing e-cigarette industry wants the 2016 presidential candidates to support vaping devices over regular cigarettes.

According to the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association, or SFATA, the vapor industry leader sent letters this week to presidential candidates in both parties and asked them to advocate for vapor products and to correct some of the myths in the media about them.

The letter stated that Americans may not ever learn the public health and economic benefits from vaping products if they continue to continue the practice with smoking. It is important that American voters grasp the differences between vaping products and cigarettes.

The vaping industry leader argues that vaping is much safer than cigarettes because the person is not exposed to all of the toxic substances that are in cigarettes. Using e-cigs also, they argue, can encourage people to stop smoking.

They also stated that vapor products will cause fewer people to smoke, and this will cause more savings for people on Medicaid. The use of tobacco in that group is more than twice the public overall.

The group also wrote in its letter that it has deep concerns about FDA proposed regulations for e-cigs and regular cigars that would mandate all nicotine delivery devices that arrived in stores after February 2007 to apply for approval retroactively.

The final rules are being considered by the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs right now. Those regulations, if enacted, would ban 95% of all vapor products that are on the market today.

The group concludes that this would be a major tragedy for public health and also for tens of thousands of vaping business owners that constitute a new and growing business.

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