There Were More Than 8 Million Google Searches for Vaping in 2014

The public is very into vaping and e-cigarettes, if Google searches are any indication. According to a new study by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, there has been a spike in e-cigarette and vaping searches in Google since 2010. Nationally there were 1.5 million Google searches in 2010 for vaping, but in 2014, there were 8.5 million. It is forecast that there will be about a 60% increase in vaping related searches in Google in 2015.

Even the way that people are talking about vaping has changed. Most pages on the Internet now refer mostly to vaping rather than e-cigs or e-cigarettes to describe all of the products that are officially called electronic nicotine delivery systems.

Vaping or e-cig products are growing by leaps and bounds in the US, and interestingly, the most Google searches for vaping products are in the coastal areas of California.

According to the Google search results for e-cigarettes and related terms, most people searching for information are not particularly concerned about the so-called health risks of vaping. It would appear that FDA’s concerns over their safety have not penetrated deeply into the public mind. In fact, the data suggests that many people looking for vaping information on Google believe that vaping can actually help to reduce smoking cigarettes. And, many of the vaping-related searches seem to be mostly about where to buy e-cigarettes.

A review of the Google search data shows that health related concerns about vaping products make up less than 1% of Google searches about the items.

Many in the vaping industry have hailed the study of Google search results for vaping products, noting that Americans have embraced e-cigarettes as a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Many experts who are concerned about the safety of vaping products say that there is little evidence that e-cigs help smokers to quit, and Google searches do not show people are searching for vaping products to quit smoking. But it is illegal for tobacco companies to label vaping products as smoking cessation tools, and thus this makes sense. E-cigs may not be effective to help you stop smoking but patches and gum don’t work well either.

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