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Pro-Vaping Lobby Fighting Anti-Vaping Legislation

The vaping community is growing quickly but it is under fire from local, state and the federal government. That is why that pro-vaping organizations are organizing to protect the booming hobby and pastime from a flood of restrictive legislation. According to Julie Woessner, executive director and board presidentĀ of theĀ Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association, (CASAA) […]

Vaping Industry Wants Support From 2016 Presidential Candidates

The quickly growing e-cigarette industry wants the 2016 presidential candidates to support vaping devices over regular cigarettes. According to the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association, or SFATA, the vapor industry leader sent letters this week to presidential candidates in both parties and asked them to advocate for vapor products and to correct some of the […]

New CDC Study Disarms E-Cig Critics, But Government Scrutiny Rising

Clouds and Yoga Pants E-Liquid

A new Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study suggests that public health activists have little to fear regarding a new wave of smokers due to the vaping revolution. The CDC report, the first of its kind that estimates the amount of e-cigarette use in the US, shows that only .4 percent of people […]