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What’s Coming from FDA in 2016

It has been a long time coming, but 2016 looks like the year that FDA is going to crack down on e-cigarettes. FDA’s proposed rule on electronic cigarettes will probably be finalized this year. This is what is known as the ‘deeming rule’ that would extend FDA’s authority to regulate e-cigs. It will most likely […]

Scientist Admits That E-Cig Vapor Not as Harmful as Cigarette Smoke

The lead scientist in a recent e-cigarette study recently issued a correction that the study did not actually find that e-cigarette vapor is as harmful as cigarette smoke. Jessica Wang-Rodriguez, MD, was the top researcher in an e-cigarette study that was published in Oral Oncology. The study claimed that two e-cigarette products could damage cells […]

E-Cig Safety Tips

An exploding e-cigarette in Naples FL a few weeks ago that left a man in serious condition with facial injuries has caused some to raise question about the safety of e-cigs. Actually, e-cigarettes are perfectly safe if you keep a few simple things in mind: E-cigs, just like cell phones, tablets and laptops, contain lithium-ion […]