So What’s Cool About Vaping?

Monadnock Vapor in Keene NH might make you expect, based upon the look, that you would smell tobacco smoke when you enter it. Instead, you smell mostly vanilla and other fruity flavors.

Most visitors find the smell comfortable and it goes well with the modern black bar and leather couches and chairs.

The manager of the vaping shop says that it usually has a large crowd of e-cigarette regulars who hang out, vape, and try new juices and other products. He said that there are not many public spaces where it is acceptable to vape; more localities are passing vaping bans in all places where smoking cigarettes is banned.

Garret Matthews says that vapers like to come into the vaping shop and hang out, talk and vape. He says that you often see 40 year old men talking to teenagers about vaping and that the vibe is cool. Vapers across the Free State are finding vaping fellowship in these shops and also at vaping special events and competitions.

A vaper inhales heated vapor with nicotine from an e-liquid through either a vape pen or a personal atomizer. The e-juice or vape juice is usually made from propylene glycol.

As of March 2016, about 10% of Americans vape, and there are at least 12 vaping shops in New Hampshire right now. There also are many other vendors for the vaping atomizers and oils.

Many vapers at this shop used to smoke cigarettes and were able to wean themselves from tobacco after a few weeks.

While there has been some bad publicity for vaping from people whose atomizer exploded, most here say that problems with vaping almost always come down to user error.

If you vape, you should not let the device overheat or ever overcharge the battery. Getting the vaping atomizer wet also is a no no.

Many vapers also go on to eventually creating their own modified vape pens and atomizers. In addition to the act of vaping, which is much less harmful than smoking, it also is a hobby.


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