Restricting Canadian Vape Shops Will Hurt Smokers

A local vaping shop in Toronto said last week that changes to Canadian laws regarding where people may use e-cigarettes and vape will hurt smokers who want to turn to vaping to quit smoking cigarettes.

According to Jason Vickers, owner of Ponyboy Vapes, the major concern for him is that for new vapers who are trying to quit smoking, they will not be able to get the same quality care and customer service that they now get.

Last week, Ontario announced that it wants to change the Smoke-Free Ontario Act and the Electronic Cigarettes Act . It would ban using e-cigarettes in all of the same areas where cigarettes are banned.

This would include all enclosed businesses, such as vaping shops in Canada.

Vickers said that he is frustrated that vapers continue to be included with smokers, and that it is not really smoking at all. ‘Vaping is not smoking. There is no tobacco smoke involved.’

Vickers said that vaping is actually a harm reduction tool that can help people stop smoking. He noted that he has seen an 80 year old woman buy vaping products because she wanted to stop her 65 year smoking habit.

He added that the majority of their client base at his vaping shop is from 60-75.

Most of the sales in his vaping shop are to those who have tried to quit smoking and have failed with many other methods.

Changes to the Electronic Cigarettes Act in Canada would prevent people from vaping in all enclosed businesses, enclosed public spaces and many areas where smoking regular cigarettes is not allowed, such as playgrounds, restaurants and bar patios.

Vickers said that he is concerned that many in the Canadian government are poorly educated about vaping, so there is an automatic negative reaction to it. He wants to see vaping shop owners organize to propose new amendments to the bill that would be a benefit to the public and vapers alike.



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