Pank by Michael Auhcke


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All Vapor King Fog Juice E-Liquids are Composed of Premium Ingredients & Are Made in the USA. Using Only the Finest Ingredients and Quality Checking Every Batch Ensures the Best Possible Product.

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Product Description

A Pink Chewy Candy flavor with a slightly sweet, creamy exhale.

Additional Information

MG Strength

0, 3, 6

ML Vol

120ML, 30ML, 60ML


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    Pank is basically the gods exploding in your mouth! The best flavor of fruit chew candy? It’s Pank. Yeah, that. Be warned- once you go through 120 of this, you may not want to hit anything else, and you’ll do terrible things to get your hands on it. Really, really, terrible things. I’d club a Seal for it, given the chance!

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