Pro-Vaping Lobby Fighting Anti-Vaping Legislation

The vaping community is growing quickly but it is under fire from local, state and the federal government. That is why that pro-vaping organizations are organizing to protect the booming hobby and pastime from a flood of restrictive legislation.

According to Julie Woessner, executive director and board presidentĀ of theĀ Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association, (CASAA) ‘it’s pretty appalling, because vaping devices can save people’s lives by getting them to quit smoking.’

That organization, which is all volunteer with 117,000 members, is promoting ‘5 Things You Can Do to Save Vaping!’ This includes:

  • Calling the White House and federal legislators
  • Registering to vote
  • Joining CASAA
  • Submit a testimonial to the website for CASAA

Many localities, such as Santa Barbara CA County, joined many areas in CA and voted to ban vaping anywhere where smoking is also banned. The state also wants to raise the legal age to purchase both cigarettes and e-cigs from 18 to 21. CA legislators also want to tax vaping products as cigarettes are.

Many vapers think that this is wrong. They object to local governments using them to balance their budgets, when vaping is much less harmful than smoking cigarettes.

Vaping fans are awaiting with fear the results of FDA’s proposed new vaping regulations that could reclassify all vaping products as tobacco products. This would most likely destroy the industry because FDA would probably require that every vaping product from a vaping pen to e-juice would be required to submit an application to FDA for approval, which costs millions of dollars.

Other entities, such as the World Health Organization, have been calling for a complete ban of vaping products, more regulatory oversight and taxes that would be used to fund smoking cessation program.

This seems rather odd, vapers argue, because statistics show that more than 25% of vapers quit smoking in the last three years.


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