New CDC Study Disarms E-Cig Critics, But Government Scrutiny Rising

A new Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study suggests that public health activists have little to fear regarding a new wave of smokers due to the vaping revolution.

The CDC report, the first of its kind that estimates the amount of e-cigarette use in the US, shows that only .4 percent of people who never smoked in their lives were vapers today.

For adults who had never smoke regular cigarettes, only 3.4 percent had tried vaporizers. Total Americans that have tried an e-cig: 12.6 percent.

Those in support of e-cigs got some good news: About 48 percent of current smokers have vaped and 55.4 percent who quit had tried e-cigs.

About 20 percent of current smokers who gave up smoking in the last 12 months had tried e-cigarettes, the CDC states. About 5 percent of Americans define themselves as regular users of e-cigs.

The CDC study comes after data released by the agency last spring that shows that regular smoking is declining amount students still in high school, but e-cigarette use is rising. Approximately 9 percent of student said that they had tried an e-cig in the last 30 days. This is a decline of 3.5 percent in the last two years.

The organization Action on Smoking and Health found in August in a study that there is no apparent link between the increase in teens smoking e-cigs and then switching over to traditional cigarettes.

However, a recent Yale study did find that banning the use of e-cigs and vaporizers among people under 18 can cause an increase in traditional smoking.

The journal Public Health recently found that teens are trying e-cigs more than ever. In 2013, approximately four percent of British 11-18 year olds had tried e-cigs once or twice. That figure rose to almost 10 percent this year.

Still, FDA recommends a federal ban on e-cigarettes for those under 18. A recent FDA health report stated concerns that non-tobacco flavorings are responsible for increasing the use of e-cigs in youth.

The Federal Trade Commission has requested permission from the Office of Management and Budget to collect nicotine and flavoring level data from 15 of the biggest e-cig and vaporizer companies.

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