Many Youth Turn to Vaping From Cigarettes

Many young men and women in their teens and early 20s in the US used to smoke one or two packs of deadly cigarettes per day. But a few years ago, they started to turn to vaping and e-cigarettes.

Many of them have found that switching to vaping helped them to wean entirely off cigarettes.

Transitioning from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigs is quite common for youth. According to a recent Gallup poll with 10 years of data, the smoking rate plunged 12% in 18-29 year olds in the last 10 years. Young adults are no more likely to smoke cigarettes than people in older groups.

In the early 2000s, young people were much more likely to smoke cigarettes than older people.

Millennials are increasingly turning to vaping to get their nicotine fix, and it is generally regarded as a much safer alternative. Cigarettes force smoke from burning tobacco into the lungs, while vaping users inhale vapor from a liquid mixture that is heated, and contains vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol and various flavorings. The amount of nicotine that is mixed in varies – you can have an e-cigarette without any nicotine at all, or one with about the same amount of nicotine that is in a cigarette.

Number of Vaping Shops Growing, Yelp Review Indicates

Exactly how many vaping shops there are to support all of these young e-cigarette users is open to debate. At this time, the federal government does not track the number of vape shops that cater to people who vape.

A recent survey of found that the website has 10,591 stores that say they are vape shops. That is 2.7 vape shops for every bowling alley in America. The number of vaping shops that are serving young people who vape has grown very quickly in the last five years.

Yelp data suggests that states in the west are ground zero in the vaping world. NV has the most vaping stores per capita. Most of them can be found in Las Vegas.


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