E-Cig Safety Tips

An exploding e-cigarette in Naples FL a few weeks ago that left a man in serious condition with facial injuries has caused some to raise question about the safety of e-cigs.

Actually, e-cigarettes are perfectly safe if you keep a few simple things in mind:

  1. E-cigs, just like cell phones, tablets and laptops, contain lithium-ion batteries. When they are overheated, the batteries can explode. According to the US Fire Administration (USFA), these types of problems with e-cigs are rare – 25 incidents reported between 2009 and 2014.
  2. The USFA noted that almost all of the e-cig explosions occur during charging. Most of those problems come from the user not using the power adapter that came with the device.
  3. If you plug an e-cig into a USB port or use a different power adapter, you could subject the lithium-ion battery to more current than it can handle. This can cause thermal runaway and can result in an explosion.

Also remember these easy tips when vaping to stay safe:

  1. Use extreme caution when modifying your personal vaporizer with a different battery.
  2. Do not refill e-juice bottles with any other substance.
  3. Never carry extra batteries in your pocket, as it could complete a circuit with other things in your pocket.
  4. Never use your e-cig if it is hot to the touch.
  5. Do not leave your e-cig in a very hot environment, such as in a closed vehicle in the sun.


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