CA Congressman Vapes During Capitol Hill Hearing

California Republican Representative Duncan Hunter who has widely advocated the use of e-cigarettes as a way to quit smoking took a hit off his vape during a hearing on Capitol Hill this week. He did so as a protest against pending legislation that would ban e-cigarette use on airplanes.

Other members at the US House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure laughed as the congressman vaped. Hunter then argued against proposed legislation that would ban vaping in flights.

Hunter said that smoking an e-cigarette has no combustion occurring, and there are no carcinogens. He added that smoking of cigarettes has declined as using vaporizers has increased.

Hunter also noted that e-cigs have helped thousands of people to stop smoking, as it did for him.

Hunter has long been a supporter of vaping and e-cigarettes. He has stated in public that he vapes knowing that he is not inhaling any tobacco smoke, and that he vapes because it could save his life.

The congressman from California also has publicly criticized FDA’s proposed regulations that would regulate e-cigarettes in a similar fashion to cigarettes. The FDA rules on e-cigs would require that any products that are made after February 2007 to have a very expensive premarket application submitted to FDA.

Hunter also has argued that e-cigarettes are the future and that banning them from airplanes would limit those who might use them to take medicine in later years.

During the Capitol Hill hearing on e-cigarettes, Hunter argued that the committee should shoot down the vaping bill in the name of ‘freedom.’

Interestingly, there is not a ban on e-cigs on Capitol Hill right now, but Democrat lawmakers have asked that e-cigs be included in the smoking ban on Capitol Hill grounds.



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